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Tremblay competed at 2008 and 2012 Paralympics — now she’s got her eye on Tokyo.

For many athletes and Olympic hopefuls, the pandemic restrictions and gym closures have made it tough to train.

But Paralympian Lyne Tremblay has developed her own solution to keep her eye on the prize — she has set up a shooting range in her Eastern Townships home.

Before the pandemic hit, Tremblay would sometimes practise shooting — dry firing with a computer calculating her accuracy — in her own living room. But that wasn’t ideal for her partner, she said.

When COVID-19 hit and this year’s Paralympic Games were cancelled, the athlete took on the project of moving all her workout equipment and shooting setup in her home’s spacious garage.

Like most top-level athletes, her story is one of skill and determination.

While shooting is her current sport, Tremblay previously competed in Paralympic archery at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London games. Before that, she was para-skier before an injury sidelined her.


Trained as an airplane pilot and aeronautical engineer, Tremblay has always had an adventurous spirit. At 17, she was the youngest pilot ever to travel solo to the U.S. in a single-engine plane.

But in 2004, she became a paraplegic following a series of operations to try to treat a rare type of dystrophy.

She said focusing on sports and setting personal goals has helped keep her moving forward — and kept the dystrophy in check.

« Having a dream, goals, a plan, it distracts the brain from thinking about everything else, » she said.

Tremblay’s new dream is bringing home a medal from the 2021 Games in Tokyo.

« This dream is possible. She can win a medal. I’ve seen her progression, » said her partner Linda Gagnon.


« She has a natural talent, » added Gagnon, who acts as Tremblay’s loader.

When Tremblay picked up the sport of shooting, following a successful run as an archer, it wasn’t long before she was breaking records.

« I started shooting October 31, 2014. … By May 2015, I was breaking the American world cup record. It was very fast, » she said.

Although Tremblay is passionate about shooting now, it wasn’t her idea to take up the sport. But after the London Games in 2012, the coach of Canada’s Paralympic shooting team called Tremblay out of the blue.

He said they’d been looking for a woman to join their team for years and were impressed with her ability as an archer. She took them up on the offer.



Tremblay is now ranked in the top five of women for rifle shooting internationally.

Along with her shooting range in the garage, Tremblay has also curated a collection of her memorabilia including the Olympic torch she carried as part of the relay during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

« It’s super important for me, » she said.

She said in making her little museum , she hopes to inspire young people and children that they can pursue a career in sports.